Still Life: Texturing Progress

Here is my texturing Progress for my Still Life project in Advanced Modeling, Texturing, and Lighting.  Rendered in Iray for Substance Painter.

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Interactive media: VR Game Assets

I Modeled and textured assets for the “Sweet F****** Swords” VR game in Interactive Media.   My workflow consisted of modeling and uv mapping my assets in maya then exporting them into substance painter where I layered materials to produce textures for my final assets, some materials were altered using Substance Designer.  I also compiled my assets into unity packages and prefabs to make it easier for the cit students once they have my assets.




Energy Sword rendered in IRAY for Substance Painter.

Screen Shot in Substance Painter.pngA screenshot of my Dojo in Substance Painter.

FloorMat render in Iray for Substance Painter3.jpg

A FloorMat for my Dojo rendered in IRAY for Substance Painter.


Screenshot of my Dojo and EnergySword in Unitty.PNG

A screenshot of my Dojo, Floor Mat and EnergySword in Unity.

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Still Life Modeling Progress

Modeling progress for my Still Life project.



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Interactive Media: Juice


Doom(2016) is easily one of the most juicy fps games that i have played in recent years.  Its overly satisfying gameplay and visuals make the game abundantly juicy.  weather you’re running through the story mode or going on a rampage in arcade mode Doom will continue to deliver on its replay-ability through its juiciness alone.  Dooms fast paced movement system which is very similar to quake and unreal tournament allows the player to glide through levels with ease, smooth fast paced movement is one of the most juicy things an arena fps can have and is essential to shoot your way through hoards of enemies consistently.  while you’re gliding through combat enemies you shoot will be dismembered and explode into clouds of blood, this kind of juiciness is extremely satisfying for players.  on top of all that you can also glory kill enemies which are melee animations that rip these demons apart using doom guys bare hands, gory but juicy.  Doom has a juicy and rewarding life steal health system, killing enemies grants a player a chance for health in the form of tacos, if you preform a glory kill on an enemy you will receive more health.  using ambient backing tracks let the player feel the juicy dark tones that doom achieves with its soundtrack and gameplay.  ripping the heart directly out of an enemy to trigger not only multiple hoards of enemies but also backing tracks that achieve much darker tones using low tuned 8 string guitars fit dooms gameplay flawlessly.  I feel that adding a challenge mode to doom would increase the juiciness of Doom through replay value with unlock-able items, cosmetics, and characters, very much like how TimeSplitters 2
(2001) has both an arcade mode and challenge mode with a massive amount of un-lockables.


Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions(2014)

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions(2014) is one of the most juicy games i know of.  Its juiciness has juiciness for its juice.  Geometry Wars 3 is a twin stick shooter that can be played on a tablet, your enemies in this game are geometric shapes, you must collect green tacos after killing an enemy to increase your score multiplayer in order to achieve a higher score. The first juicy things you’ll notice while playing Geometry wars 3 are the juicy visuals and gameplay.  The player and some enemies have a satisfying contrail while moving.  when you kill an enemy a particle explosion occurs and score multiplying tacos or more enemies are released much like a pinata, because of the large amount of clustered enemies that spawn over time this becomes quite satisfying when it comes to juiciness.  Even when you start a level or die or when enemies spawn a visual effect occurs, watching the level or enemies enemy fade in and assemble rather than just appearing is satisfying for a player to watch.  A different backing track for each level or game mode which also keeps the up beat and fast paced juiciness that the gameplay has increases replay value.  To take the juiciness of geometry wars 3 even further i would implement custom cosmetics similar to Resogun(2013) and more un-lockables to increase the replay value through juiciness.

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Japanese Media: Character Design



I chose the story of Momotaro for my character designs.  However in my version of Momotaro the Oni(demons and ogres) are cupcakes and Momotaro eats them with his fork.  After many suggestions to change my designs both in class and outside of class I chose to redesign my characters to be more cartoon like.

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Interactive Media: Game Asset Progress 2

Finished uv mapping the Dojo

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 2.27.24 AM.png

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Interactive Media: Game Asset Progress

over the weekend i modeled a dojo for the “Sweet Fucking Sword game”, today i uv mapped the floor, ceiling, ceiling beams and then applied a material to the floor in substance painter and exported the textures to maya.

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