Japanese Media Research

Emakimono is a horizontal hand scroll meant to be read from right to left, this traditional form of Japanese media uses illustrated text or pictures.  One Emakimono  known as “Animal Person Characters” uses a set of four picture scrolls to tell its story and was created during the 12th and 13th centuries.  This Emakimono is most famous for its use of animals that stand out the most in this scroll and is one of the most popular Emakimono scrolls.  Another Emakimono scroll known as the “tale of genji”, the “tale of genji” Emakimono scroll “Genji monogatari emaki was created  over a century after Murasaki Shikibu’s written work. Both of these Emakimono scrolls were made during the same time period, these Emakimono scrolls also show the different types of clothing, furniture, and styles of this time period.  The “tale of genji” has had a significant impact upon history and is seen in many visual illustrations such as films and games today. Traditionally Emakimono scrolls are drawn or painted on silk then rolled up for viewing from right to left with a roller.




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Chess Piece Model

Chess Piece Model i made for my Advanced Modeling Texturing Lighting class. My group chose 6 of the 7 wonders of the world as the theme for our chess pieces.  I chose the Lighthouse of Alexandria as the bishop for my chess piece.


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Game Jam Fall 2017 Work

I participated in Game Jam over the weekend, we worked in teams of six and had to make a game in 48 hours.  The prompt we were given was “Urban Legends”, my group and I chose to make a game about the BunnyMan Urban Legend. We then discussed our ideas as a group and came to a group consensus on everything, this is something we did throughout GameJam until our game was finished.

In my group i took on the task of making background assets such as trees and bushes. My workflow for making these assets consisted of sketching out quick concepts in photoshop, modeling my assets in Maya, creating then applying a simple and flat material in Substance Painter to fit with our stylized setting, rendering my assets as pngs in Arnold for Maya with no shadows, removing the white color from the background of each image in Photoshop to make the background transparent, and importing them into unity where i scaled and placed my trees and bushes into our scene.  My overall experience of Game Jam was positive, i had fun despite some setbacks that we encountered which we did our best to adapt to, i feel that my skills of working and communicating with a group have improved, throughout the weekend we were right next to each other checking up on what everyone is doing and what needed to get done.


quick concept sketch in Photoshop

assets modeled in Maya

created then applied a simple and flat material in Substance Painter to fit with our stylized setting

Bushes 1-8 final

Trees 1-8 final

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Interaction Review 1

Interaction Review 1

Ryan Williams

Interactive Media


Game i could play forever: Halo 2(Original Xbox)

Halo 2(Original Xbox) is easily the One game i can play forever, I’ve been playing it as much as i can since its release in 2004 and to this day i still have as much fun playing it as i did when it released. Halo 2s button interactions are very complex and fast depending on your skill level.  Most players will hold the controller in the standard style while using the right thumb to hold the right analog stick and press the face buttons(X,A,Y,B).  However pressing buttons with this style causes large delays with the time it takes to remove your thumb from the right analog stick and tap one of the face buttons(X,Y,A,B).  


A widely used solution to this is to hold your controller in a different style called Claw, in order to play in this style you need to always keep your right thumb on the right analog stick, then place your right index finger over the face buttons(X,Y,A,B), and lastly use your right middle finger to tap the right trigger, thus allowing a player to press the face buttons(X,Y,A,B) of the controller without removing the right thumb from the right analog stick.  Playing Halo 2(Original Xbox) in this style creates a significant gap in the level of skill while playing the game and will give a player an advantage over players who do not use this style to play the game.  However holding a controller in this style for 10+ hours a day over the course of 10+ years will cause health issues in your hands.


Halo 2(Original Xbox) has quite a few rewarding complex actions such as button combos, BXR, BXB, RRX, RRXYYRRX, RRBXRRX, LXXX, RLXXX.  These are button combos that require precise timing and muscle memory to pull off consistently, the reward for these actions is a massive advantage over players who do not use these actions and creates a competitive experience for players who do use these actions.  Halo 2(Original Xbox) isn’t a game where you hold forward and hope not to miss, at both high and average skill levels button combos aren’t the overall deciding factor in a match, in fact they are equivalent to candy to a player, both simple and complex strafing patterns on the left analog stick are also important actions in Halo 2(Original Xbox).  it’s always satisfying when a player wins a battle against an equally skilled opponent just because of a better or less predictable strafe pattern.


Game that frustrates me: Dark Souls(Xbox 360)

Dark souls is a game that i really tried very hard to play, its clunky mechanics and delayed response times of actions are very frustrating.  The games button actions are quite simple and straightforward, press buttons with your fingers or thumbs to trigger ingame actions and use your left thumb to move the left analog stick, its not a game that requires a player to hold the controller in different styles to gain rewards. I recall quite clearly many times where i would press a button with my finger and the ingame action would not actually trigger until after i took my hand off of the controller. This is something that has caused severe frustration for many players, especially during boss fights.  This also discourages many players from giving the game a chance.  


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Portfolio Website WordPress Theme

Screenshot 2017-05-09 09.45.45.png

Final version –

Netlify draft – https://ryanwilliamsportfolio.netlify.com/

Xd draft – https://xd.adobe.com/view/e2428edf-2ee6-473c-ae91-686465977ef4/

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Advanced 3D Animation Self Critique



Throughout the semester i have improved in many ways.  I learned the basics of rigging and paint weighting using a character(a ClockSnake) that I modeled myself then learned how to rig it for the first project.

Later in the semester i animated emotions with the morpheus rig.  I feel that my ability to animate and understanding of the principals of animation has improved since last semester.  However I’m hoping to improve upon my animation abilities in the future.

Recently i have learned a lot from the group project such as how to work with others and troubleshoot issues in our group project.  In the future i would like to improve upon communication/organization of a group.

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Portfolio Website draft


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