Kinetic Typography: check-in

kinetic typography storyboardKinetic typography mood board


The audio I chose to use is a short clip from a scene the show Metalocalypse, during this scene the main characters talk about why bleach is healthy. “NOOO!!! ya drink the Bleach. bleach is healthy, It’s mostly water, and we’re mostly water, therefore we are bleach”

I decided to use impact as my font chose because it seems like a fitting choice for bold statements. In my mood board I chose to use images of bathroom tiles to set the mood of cleanliness and the environment in which bleach is usually found in a household.

The critiques I received were to change up the way the text moves between frames, and have some words push others out of the frame.


About Ryan Williams

I’m Ryan Williams, I'm currently majoring in Digital Media and Animation. My primary focus is 3D/2D art and 3D animations. Programs i currently use for 3D art/animations are Maya and substance painter/designer. Mediums i use for 2D art consist of charcoal, pen/ink, pencil, Photoshop, and illustrator.
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