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Cider Creek AD: Winter Cinn

For my Advanced Modeling,Texturing, & Lighting Class I was tasked with redesigning a Label and creating an ad for Cider Creek, I chose the “Winter Cinn” flavor. My workflow consisted of modeling my assets in maya, redesigning a label in … Continue reading

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Japanese Media: Pop Media Research

Manga I chose to research for inspiration¬† in my pop media project were One Punch Man(Murata Yuusuke) and Dragon Ball(Akira Toriyama).¬† Murata Yuusuke is the Manga artist who illustrated One Punch Man,¬†Murata Yuusuke’s use of the Tokyo metropolitan area simply … Continue reading

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Animals Interactive: River Otters Pre-Production

For our pre-production assets Liam hand drew otters then handed them over to me to scan them, and digitally color them in.

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