Project 2 – Spatial Translation with Planes

Art is a way of expressing ones self through creativity, a friend of mine once said “all art is influenced from experiencing other works of art or nature”. I have taken various pictures around campus then recreated them in different ways using adobe illustrator to form my own interpretation of these images. Space, pattern, and repetition were used in many of my images.

book image 1.png

book image 2.png

book image 3.png

book image 4.png

book image 5.png

book image 6.png


About ryanwilliams1337

I am Ryan Williams, former halo semi pro, former guitarist for school of rock and multiple successful bands, and current student at Alfred state majoring in digital media and animation. I had a lot of fun modding games as a kid and that is what triggered my interest with animation, i listen to progressive/technical death metal and all genres of metal.
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