Intermediate 3D Animation Self Critique

I feel that I have shown improvement in both my animations and my understanding of the principals of animation.  At the start of this semester I had trouble with the basics of animating in maya, some of things I had troubles with were timing, spacing, squash and stretch.  These are noticeable in my first few animations; however, as I practiced animating with maya more and more throughout the semester I started to improve, my understanding of the principals of animation and how to set up my frames using timing/spacing started to show improvement throughout each project.  one thing I would like to improve upon in the future would be the small adjustments of different body parts that really matter and make an animation come to life in a more realistic way.

Overall, I’ve noticed improvement over time in areas that I really struggled with earlier in the semester.  There is definitely room for more improvements in many areas of my animations.  In the future I would like to focus more on improving how I adjust the small areas of my animation, as well as practicing implementing the principals of animation more into my design process.  In conclusion, all of this will help me progress in both 3D and 2D animation over time.


About Ryan Williams

I’m Ryan Williams, I'm currently majoring in Digital Media and Animation. My primary focus is 3D/2D art and 3D animations. Programs i currently use for 3D art/animations are Maya and substance painter/designer. Mediums i use for 2D art consist of charcoal, pen/ink, pencil, Photoshop, and illustrator.
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