Workshop Gallery “Core Sample”


On December 10th, I attended a workshop on Alfred University’s campus. This workshop is called “Core Sample.” “Core Sample” consists of both ceramic art and paper works of art that have been created by ceramic artists.  Over 8,000 works of art were donated by non specific groups.  Most of the collections at “Core Sample” are mostly larger groups of artwork with a specific goal in mind.

According to the exhibition labels, the sculptures in this workshop used many different mediums such as earthenware, unglazed, unfired and fired clay, and wood. One thing that i found consistent throughout this workshop was the ability for each sculpture to stand out and catch the viewers eye in it’s own way.  One example of this would be the “untitled” sculpture by Graham Marks, which has a pattern in its center that consists of polygons. Another example of this would be “Landscape #2,” by Hongwei Li. This sculpture is quite large and has a consistent pattern of scale change.

While there were many sculptures in “Core Sample” that stood out to me, there were a few that really caught my eye, not because they were more abstract or different than the others, but because they appealed to the elements and principals of design that i feel i would like to improve upon.  I feel that improving upon my ability to implement scale change and pattern into my future work, both in my classes and outside of my classes, would help improve the outcome and quality of my work. It would also improve my understanding of the elements/principals of design and animation. Another reason would be the improvement upon the way i start or organize my work during the design process.

Overall this workshop consisted of sculptures that stood out in many ways.  Most sculptures were a part of larger groups of artwork. Some of those sculptures showed a deeper, possibly metaphorical meaning to them, while others were just simply, literal meanings. In conclusion, this workshop improved my understanding of the elements and principals of design.


About Ryan Williams

I’m Ryan Williams, I'm currently majoring in Digital Media and Animation. My primary focus is 3D/2D art and 3D animations. Programs i currently use for 3D art/animations are Maya and substance painter/designer. Mediums i use for 2D art consist of charcoal, pen/ink, pencil, Photoshop, and illustrator.
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