Chair Project

Atmospheric perspective in my chair forms contrast, space and value range throughout my chair and its tone.  The exaggeration of my chair and its stripes has made it become a fainting couch, this brings a different aspect to my chair as exaggeration is something new to me.  I chose to exaggerate my chair because i was eager to try something new and different to me while drawing my chair.  After drawing my chair, exaggeration is something i will prefer to use in my future work.  My chairs stripes create movement that flows similar to a led screen that you would see on a highway.



About ryanwilliams1337

I am Ryan Williams, former halo semi pro, former guitarist for school of rock and multiple successful bands, and current student at Alfred state majoring in digital media and animation. I had a lot of fun modding games as a kid and that is what triggered my interest with animation, i listen to progressive/technical death metal and all genres of metal.
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