Helvetica write up

Helvetica Is a typeface that you will see more than any typeface.  A good typographer always has sensitivity of the distance between letters.  typography is white, its not even black, it is the space between the blacks that really makes it.  Helvetica emerged in the 1957 time period by swiss designers where they felt that there is a need of rational typefaces.  Typography is used to create order within text.  The meaning is in the context of the text not the typeface and thats why people like Helvetica so much.

Most type designers would start off with a lowercase H, this tells me if its a sans or a serif typeface.  if it were a serif, it would have feet on the bottom and top of the letter.  Helvetica original name was called Die Neue Haas Grotesk.  Helvetica originated in Munchenstein, Switzerland, at the former Haas Type Foundry.  Helveticas original name was changed in order to be sold in the us.

Helvetica is considered to have a perfect balance of push and pull between its letters.  However some people didn’t use Helvetica because they felt that it supported the Vietnam war.  What i learned from this documentary is that Helvetica is considered the industry standard for typefaces, it makes sense to use it.  If i were to design a poster after watching this documentary I would most likely use Helvetica as my typeface.


About Ryan Williams

I’m Ryan Williams, I'm currently majoring in Digital Media and Animation. My primary focus is 3D/2D art and 3D animations. Programs i currently use for 3D art/animations are Maya and substance painter/designer. Mediums i use for 2D art consist of charcoal, pen/ink, pencil, Photoshop, and illustrator.
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