foundations journal #1


book of kells.jpg
book of kells. 800. wikipedia. web. 4 sep 2016
lots of repetitive geometric shapes such as circles, diamonds, and hearts.
the colors within the circles and other shapes are analogous.
lots of knots and ties that go over and under each other.
the purples, blacks, and golds really stand out.

book of hours.jpg
book of hours, 1410. wikipedia. web. 4 sep 2016

book of hours
the colors in this image seem very analogous and repetitive with the use of red and blue
the value of this image seems to be rather bright with the sun shining down upon the structure and people.

persian mini.jpg
bahzad, kamal. advice of the ascetic. 1500-1550. wikipedia. web. 4 sep 2016

persian miniatures image
the border of this image seems very in depth in terms of line detail.
the birds that are in the border of this image really stand out with their colors.
the border looks like wall paper to me with the picture standing out like a framed picture on a wall.

the greyscale shading we did in class.

1. Ebony pencil(Blending stump)
2. sharpie
3. charcoal(Blending stump)
4. watercolor paint
5. Aquarelle pencil(Blending stump)


About ryanwilliams1337

I am Ryan Williams, former halo semi pro, former guitarist for school of rock and multiple successful bands, and current student at Alfred state majoring in digital media and animation. I had a lot of fun modding games as a kid and that is what triggered my interest with animation, i listen to progressive/technical death metal and all genres of metal.
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