Final Exam 3D Design/Color Write up

Over the weekend i went to Alfred University’s BFA Exhibition with many others in my major.  While i was their i saw many unique works of art that used different aspects of 3D Design.



Bricks, Glaze


The Playground


Kendra Newell


This work of art has been painted by students from Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade, this piece has strong use of color.  Students of Newell were encouraged to express their imaginations and find their own creative strategies using materials in the studio.  Each brick has individually unique marks and blends which is caused by the painters personality or mood that make each one its own.



Porcelain Materials

This artist pulled his idea from a very interesting point in time thus assisting him in producing such an interesting piece of concept art.  On behalf of the work of Stephen Shaeffer, who was a Russian scientist in the late twentieth century.  An unnamed sculptor Portrayed a legendary neurological experiment.  With inspiration from Shaeffers organic reanimation experiment, where he experimented on brains from a wide range of subjects, ranging from small rodents to large animals and even human test subjects.

                                                                    Figurative Sculpture



                                                 Uncle Svend’s Duck

                                                                                 Gustav Hamilton

Duck Season!  This duck who belongs to someones uncle Steven seems to be an abstract duck with a fairly simple shape.

                                                                      Mixed Media
                                                                           Wood, Acrylic Paint

                                                                Truly Meat

                                                                       Isabella Duncan

Paint and Wood are the two mediums that are used in this piece.  The shape of a chicken this is used for this piece, carved from wood, with painted on meat and blood. Duncans goal seems to represent the industrialization of animals.

                                                                        Modular Design

                                                                                                        Wire, Wax


                                                                           Mary Gasper

This piece reminds me of a bee hive.  It has twelve sections which are made up of hexagons, these hexagons are a theme that has been replicated throughout this piece.  The surfaces of this piece are what makes this piece modular, they also remind me of windows which replicate throughout the sculpture with rounded bee hive like molds.


                                                                                       Ceramic, Terra Sigillata


                                                                      Danielle Furia

Furia’s goal with this piece is feels like motion, i can tell because the circles are more dense near the center than they are around the outside of this piece.  Almost like they are breaking away from each other in the same way the pieces would if there was an explosion in the center.


                                                                                              Porcelain, Thread


                                                                        Danielle Furia

This piece seems to be made up of 3 different colors, blacks, blues, and greens can be seen throughout this piece.  Both the circles and color scheme are replicated consistently throughout this piece.

                                                                    Point, Line, & plane 

                                                                                             Porcelain, Thread


                                                                       Danielle Furia

This piece seems to be a accurate representation of Point, Line, and Plan use.  The lines of this piece have dimension.  The grids this piece uses to create an upside down pyramid are individually unique with their own bends and twists.

                                                               Rythem & Balance

                                               Action ‘n Devotion Intent ‘n Neglect

                                                                Nathan Badaczewski

These blocks are carefully balanced in a way that looks like a spiral staircase to me.  Each block has been rotated ten degrees from the bottom up to achieve a rhythmic ninety degree turn when you finally reach the top.

                                                                     Scale Change


                                                     A Moment of Happiness

                                                                            Kara Pierce

This piece seems quite joyful overall, i can see scale change ranging from the outer areas of this piece all the way through the inner areas of the pedals of this piece.  The steams of the flowers are longer than the ones seen at the bottom,  the size of the flower pedals seem to vary throughout the piece as well.  That one black flower at the bottom is also worth pointing out.


                                                                                                        Tree, Mushrooms


Space, the final frontier.  The decaying tree branch and mushrooms growing on her skin achieve the decaying theme of this piece.  The simple use of space in this piece seems to be vital in the portrayal of this artists piece.  The trees branches and the overarching branches create a solid sense of space in various different places.



                                                                   5 Plant

                                                                       Gustav Hamilton

Texture is quite prominent in this piece.  I see that the thumbprint indents are a vital factor of this piece.  The bumpy indents that take up most of this piece work quite well with this piece.

                                                                Time & Motion

                                                                                    Ash Wood, Stainless Steel

                                                       Treadle Wheel

                                                                   Greg Palombo

This piece seems to function similar to a record player or some kind of pump.  This mechanism rotates on a cylinder plane interestingly from below.  Motion and time are always together, you cant have one without the other.  Time is made up of circles, that is why clocks are round.



                                                     Disfigured Esteem

                                                                 Caroline Zimmerli

I look into this piece and i see how volumetric it is, i can also hear it across the room because of how high the volume is.  Seeing how much negative space the inside of this sculpture has, it is easy to lose yourself in the amount of volume it has.  The darkness inside the sculpture can also add more areas of space inside the sculpture.


About Ryan Williams

I’m Ryan Williams, I'm currently majoring in Digital Media and Animation. My primary focus is 3D/2D art and 3D animations. Programs i currently use for 3D art/animations are Maya and substance painter/designer. Mediums i use for 2D art consist of charcoal, pen/ink, pencil, Photoshop, and illustrator.
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