Marionette Project 3D design/color

Here is my Marionette project for 3D design/color


Credit to for the backdrop projection.

Ryan Williams                                                                   Artist statement

My vision of my Marionette:  A robot powered by French fries with tentacles for arms and a fishbowl head.  A clownfish who once went by the name Gir controls the robot.  Gir was abducted by aliens and is now under the delusion that he is a super hero that can fly.

Learning 3D design greatly helps me relate to my work in the D.M.A. program because learning 3D design is essential to crafting 3D works of art, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.



About ryanwilliams1337

I am Ryan Williams, former halo semi pro, former guitarist for school of rock and multiple successful bands, and current student at Alfred state majoring in digital media and animation. I had a lot of fun modding games as a kid and that is what triggered my interest with animation, i listen to progressive/technical death metal and all genres of metal.
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