Intro to 3D animation project 1: Unlucky Leprechaun

“unLucky Leprechaun

Blarney McKnob:

Took the pot of gold and gambled it in Vegas where he lost all of the money. Lives in a small shack like setting in the woods, secluded from civilization and the rest of the leprechaun’s who are out to get their money back.”

My project fits this scenario because a lot of the objects in my leprechauns shack are things a leprechaun would have such as the leprechauns top hat, a pot of gold which is now empty and broken, horseshoes, a picture of him with his lucky charms on the wall, an Irish cross, barrels filled with potatoes, mushrooms/crystals, and furniture.

project render 8
project render 7
project render 6


About ryanwilliams1337

I am Ryan Williams, former halo semi pro, former guitarist for school of rock and multiple successful bands, and current student at Alfred state majoring in digital media and animation. I had a lot of fun modding games as a kid and that is what triggered my interest with animation, i listen to progressive/technical death metal and all genres of metal.
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