Origami project for 3d design/color

This is my origami project for 3d design/color.  It is a caterpillar who goes by the name of Toki.



His name is Toki, he is a robot pet Caterpillar whose only wish is to evolve into a butterfly.  He fights aliens and doesn’t afraid of anything.  His superpowers are procrastination and patience, he is allergic to grass.  He doesn’t eat because he only drinks the blood of his enemies.

I used the elements and principals of design for this modular design project.  As you can tell the placement of the legs, head, and yellow body are an example of space.  The colors are a great example of texture and contrast.  a great example of scale change would be both the colors and the folds or creases in the origami paper.  Overall my robot caterpillar (Toki) stuns enemies with the elements/principals of design he has such as volume, mass, shape, balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, unity, and order.


About Ryan Williams

I’m Ryan Williams, I'm currently majoring in Digital Media and Animation. My primary focus is 3D/2D art and 3D animations. Programs i currently use for 3D art/animations are Maya and substance painter/designer. Mediums i use for 2D art consist of charcoal, pen/ink, pencil, Photoshop, and illustrator.
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