Senior Animation Check-in

I need to fix a few things in what i have here like the shift in weight when he gets up but I plan on getting a lot more Animation done within the next few days. Also as far as the post production check in that i have today the render farm was almost done but my renders had the Arnold watermark on them so they need to be re-rendered without the watermark on the render farm. The render farm might not take as long if i get rid of the aovs and would lower file size because the folder was at 60 gigs when vav and i checked.


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Senior Seminar Project Concept

In class on Monday November 7th, 2018 we talked about people who track and analyze things such as “steps, travels, productivity, location, glucose, heart rate, coffee intake, sleep and more”. Tracking and analyzing these aspects of ones life can lead to positive benefits but also negatives. The project I would create would be a short animation that exaggerates the perception of someone who is negatively affected by other people who are positively tracking specific aspects of their lives but don’t realize they are neglecting important things around them.

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Artists as Innovators


I attended the “Artists as Innovators” showcase at Alfred University in the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery on October 10th, 2018. After observing all of the pieces, I chose the work that stood out the most to me. Andres Serrand’s work caught my eye right when I entered the showcase. At first glance I thought the work I was looking at was fire but its actually “Precious Blood”. Which relates to a project that I am currently working on involving Exaggerated Perceptions, The perception of a thing can be much different from what the reality of what it actually is for example my perception at first glance was that Serrand’s work looks like fire and the reality is that its actually “Precious Blood”.  The perception of blood for most people is that its something off-putting and some are sickened by the sight of it, Serrand is contesting the perception of blood by presenting his own work as a message with proof that blood can be aesthetically pleasing.

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3D/VFX Reel

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VR Sculpts with Oculus Medium

These are Sculpts that I made in VR with Oculus Medium for a special topics class with Vav. Once I finished each sculpt I brought it into maya where I rendered out images in different ways with a transparent background, then took those renders into photoshop where i adjusted settings and filters accordingly to make digital prints, screen prints, and cyanotype prints. The creature was not a part of the screen prints or the cyanotype prints because the goal of that project was to 3D print the sculpt. After I had completed all of the prints I wanted to take what I have done further. I was using an After Effects plugin called Trapcode for After Effects frequently in Jeremys Motion Graphics class during this time so I exported each sculpt as a low poly obj file then after some experimentation with After Effects and Trapcode I was able to manipulate particles attached to my sculpts in various ways.

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Motion Graphics: 10 Exercises

10  motion graphics exercises using After Effects or Maya

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Explanations: how Exoplanets are discovered

I used After Effects and Trapcode to create my visual elements, the music was made by Bobby Green, and my voice was recorded with a zoom mic from the cage.

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