Alstom Train: Lighting, Texturing, and Rendering

For this Project I was tasked with designing a Train for the NYC Alstom project.  I chose to form a group with Michael Vok, Peter Ciliberti, and Christopher Fogg, they were in charge of modeling different parts of the Train while I was in charge of Texturing the Train in substance Painter, creating all of the Lighting for the Train, Compositing our Train into an image, and Rendering our Train in Arnold for Maya with AOVs and edited the final Renders in Photoshop.


Train composited Into a background image.



Interior Render in Arnold for Maya.


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Interaction Review #3

While I was at the Rochester Museum and Science Center I interacted with many kiosks, the one I’m choosing to write about is the “Laser Motion” kiosk.  The Laser Motion kiosk operated by adjusting rotating mirrors by turning the knobs on the kiosk and click the “Ripple Disk” and “Diffraction” buttons to change the shape and rotation pattern of the laser.  The “Laser Motion” kiosk was intended to show how motion effects lasers in different ways while being reflected off of different mirror rotations.  This kiosk communicated how motion effects lasers in different ways quite clearly and I was able to understand and see it right away.  entertainment value of this kiosk was particularly strong while keeping the kiosk educational at the the same time, I was able to play with this kiosk and test out how lasers are effected by motion and mirrors for some time before getting bored.


If I were to improve the design or communication of this kiosk in any ways it would be to increase/decrease the amount of lasers that are available and to increase the size of the lasers or rotating mirrors, I also feel that this would also create a more rewarding feeling while interacting with this kiosk while staying in the same design sense.  If I were to expand on the design and media production of this kiosk I would add movable and rotatable mirror cubes to angle the laser and its rotation in more ways than currently available and add a screen showing how others interacted with this kiosk to show people some of the things they can do while interacting with this kiosk.

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Animals Interactive

My group was tasked with making an Interactive piece of media with River Otters for our Animals Interactive Project.  We decided as a group to create a 2D Interactive piece of media similar to a flip book with Educational voice overs instead of text.  We got together a few times per week to evenly divide up who is working a which assets in order to keep things organized.  The assets I worked on for our project were Digitally coloring in 3 out of 5 of the Otters that were hand drawn by Liam, left/right/play buttons, leaves and grass, and I was also tasked with assembling our project in unity and building it for Android Tablets.  Before we started working we outlined what we wanted our project to look like so everything we worked on would fit into our project the way we intended, we set up a list of what we need to work on and who was working on each asset, we also set up a color pallet for some assets such as the otters and fish to later fit into the project as a whole.  After our beta tests we realized that we needed to make some changes such as adding in images for the buttons that our coder made and some image placement changes that took place in Unity.  While we were at the Rochester museum and science center on Saturday 12/02/2017 and Sunday 12/03/2017 a lot of the kids and adults interpreted our installation as educational which is what we intended, some said the graphics were cute but was not particularly fun considering it was intended as an Interactive piece of media similar to a flip book, we received similar reactions during the beta tests.

Animals Interactive Pre-Production link

Interaction Review #3 link
Documentation of our piece and kids Interacting with it at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

Otters that Liam hand drew and I Colored in digitally in Photoshop.

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Leaves and blades of grass.

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Screenshots of the scenes that I assembled in Unity and Built for Tablets.

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Here a screenshot of the spreadsheet that we made for organization.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 7.31.55 PM

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Cider Creek AD: Winter Cinn

For my Advanced Modeling,Texturing, & Lighting Class I was tasked with redesigning a Label and creating an ad for Cider Creek, I chose the “Winter Cinn” flavor. My workflow consisted of modeling my assets in maya, redesigning a label in photoshop, making/altering materials in Substance Painter and Substance Designer to create textures for my assets, then rendering my scene in Arnold for Maya as a multi-layer EXR with AOVS and edited in photoshop to produce the final version of this Ad.


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Japanese Media: Pop Media Research

Manga I chose to research for inspiration  in my pop media project were One Punch Man(Murata Yuusuke) and Dragon Ball(Akira Toriyama).  Murata Yuusuke is the Manga artist who illustrated One Punch Man, Murata Yuusuke’s use of the Tokyo metropolitan area simply creates more immersion in the setting, a lot of cross hatching to show detail in shadows and shading in many ways. Akira Toriyama illustrated Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama’s style seems to focus on anatomy of characters in many ways, Akira Toriyama and Murata Yuusuke both show use of cross hatching to show many things such as shadows or shading.  However Akira Toriyama’s cross hatching uses more straight lines than Murata Yuusuke. Shibuya is a shopping district in the tokyo metropolitan area, it is a popular location for tourists.  The shopping and tourist parts of Shibuya is what also peaked my interest in Shibuya, I will be using the streets of Shibuya as the background my piece.


Lastly I researched Pop Team Epic by Ookawa Bkub. Ookawa Bkub makes Yonkoma manga as seen in Pop Team Epic, Yonkoma is comic strip manga that usually consists of four panels.  Ookawa Bkub shows the grounding of characters by using a table or an object that is usually on the ground in panels, this is something I chose to do in my piece using a sidewalk on the streets of Shibuya to ground my character in each panel.



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Animals Interactive: River Otters Pre-Production

For our pre-production assets Liam hand drew otters then handed them over to me to scan them, and digitally color them in.

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Advanced Modeling, Texturing, & Lighting: Still Life

This is my Still Life project that I made for my Advanced Modeling, Texturing, and Lighting class. I modeled objects from games and movies of my interest using Maya. The objects modeled include an Energy Sword from Halo, a LightSaber from Star Wars, a Companion Cube from Portal, and a Cardboard Box from Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty.  I then textured my models using Substance Painter and Substance Designer, rendered my scene in Arnold for Maya as a layered EXR file with AOVs, and edited the final render in Photoshop.


The images below were rendered using IRAY for Substance Painter.

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